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May 2020

Blog Feel Good Friday Activity with Beth Markwood

Looking for an activity for you and your family this weekend? Check out this "magic" video with Beth Markwood, a social emotional provider at Marcfirst Pediatric Therapy.

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Blog Welcoming Parents and Babies!

While the world is practicing “social distancing”, and we are required as much as possible to stay at home, what a wonderful time to focus instead on the close and intimate connections between parents and babies!

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Blog Love & Logic

Love & Logic is a well-known parenting program developed by Foster Cline, child psychiatrist, and Jim Fay, educator.

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Blog Marcfirst Talks Feelings

Feelings and emotions can run high during this time! Talking about your feelings can help make them more managable.

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Blog Lessons We Can Learn From Annie

You may have seen the movie Annie at least once on television, at the movies, or while sitting with others at a live musical show.

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Blog Marcfirst Pediatric Therapists Provide Resources via Facebook

With the advent of COVID-19, the pediatric therapists from Marcfirst turn to Facebook to provide information to families online.

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2019 Marcfirst Reach Your Potential

Reach your potential!

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