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Welcome to Lifelong Access, formerly known as Marcfirst.



Lifelong Access Pediatric Therapy provides a wide variety of therapy services to meet the needs of you and your child. Services are based on your child's individual needs and are provided in a fun learning rich environment that enables your child to reach their full potential. Services are provided in individual and group sessions based on your child's needs. Our pediatric therapists receive extensive training in pediatrics and specialize in working with children birth to age eighteen.


All Lifelong Access Pediatric therapists maintain State of Illinois Licensing and credentialing to enable them to provide the high quality of therapeutic care that Central Illinois has come to expect from our Pediatric Therapy program.


Physical therapy (PT) works to enhance and restore mobility, functional competency, and independence for individuals with neurological, developmental, or orthopedic delays and/or disabilities.


Occupational therapy (OT) focuses on developing motor skills, sensory-processing abilities, coordination, peer interaction, play, and self-care skills to participate in daily life activities.

Speech-language therapy strengthens children's communication so they can participate fully in daily activities and achieve success. Speech-language therapy addresses language comprehension, pragmatics, speech-sound production, voice, and fluency, as well as oral motor development.

During feeding therapy, therapists work with children to provide them with the skills needed to make mealtimes more enjoyable and nutritious.


Parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT) is an evidence-based treatment addressing young children's emotional and behavioral problems. It is designed to promote positive interactions and attachment between parents and their children.

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