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Behavioral Health Clinic

The Lifelong Access Behavioral Health Clinic (BHC) was established in 2020 to fill a need at Lifelong Access and within our community. The BHC began as a way to address the behavioral needs of individuals who were diagnosed with both an intellectual disability and at least one other mental health disorder. Now, the BHC can provide mental health treatment for anyone of any age. Children under the age of 18 can be treated with a preventative treatment plan, while also receiving supports if they have a pre-existing or newly diagnosed mental health disorder. Each prospective client meets with a BHC clinician to complete a mental health assessment, which includes the identification of pre-existing mental health diagnoses or new diagnoses.


The BHC creates and oversees individualized treatment plans, which could focus on mood and anxiety and/or any other struggles affecting the individual’s current functioning. Within Lifelong Access, this includes working with other departments to ensure clients achieve their behavioral health goals. Each treatment plan is written so that clients can reach improved functioning within their homes, places of employment, schools, and all other areas of their lives. With consent from clients, guardians, and parents, we are also licensed to work with other agencies to serve each client better. We believe in a holistic and collaborative approach to care.


Services provided through the BHC include therapeutic counseling, collaborative consultations, and community support. Specifically, credentialed staff members provide all services.The BHC is overseen by the State of Illinois and includes licensed staff such as Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, Licensed Professional Counselors, Master of Social Workers, Master of Professional Counseling, and Bachelor of Social Workers.


For more information, reach out to us at [email protected] or 309-451-8888 or complete the form below.

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