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Lessons We Can Learn From Annie

You may have seen the movie Annie at least once on television, at the movies, or while sitting with others at a live musical show. You may see in your mind a picture of this little girl with red hair who loves to think about the good things that she has in her life. One thing that many people do not know is that Annie started off as a comic strip in newspapers titled, “Little Orphan Annie.”


Whatever way that you remember this little girl or even if you have never heard of her at all, there are good things that we can learn from her. Below are two lessons we can learn from Annie.


Annie Made It Through Hard Times: The story of Annie took place during a time when life was hard for so many people who lived in the United States. Annie was a child who found herself part of the Great Depression which meant that lots of people had lost their money, their jobs, and even the homes that they had lived in. Annie was also an orphan and did not have parents, at least when the story started off . She lived in a place where other girls with no parents had to stay. The lady who was paid to take care of Annie and the other girls was very mean to them.


Even though Annie did not have many good things and even though she was treated badly by her caregiver, Annie lived and made it through the craziness of her world. She ended up being in a place where things were much better. The Great Depression was also a time when many people gave up on life and thought that there was no hope. We can learn from Annie that things may be bad for us sometimes but that we can be stronger than anything that will try to pull us down. Annie was tough in her mind and spirit and we can be that way, too.


Annie Kept A Positive Attitude: The movie and stage play of Annie has a song that says the sun will come out tomorrow. Annie was such a positive little girl! She can teach us lessons about looking at the things that we go through in the best possible way. We know that times can be so hard. Even when we are dealing with money problems, children who need extra time and care, or something else hard, we can always think about a better day coming. We still need to do things to help things move along, but keeping a positive attitude can go a long way.


So, when you find yourself feeling sad and maybe even a little bit grumpy, remember that little girl with red hair and a heart full of hope. Remember what she said about the sun. It will always come out again. Keep a good attitude and you can make it through anything and everything that life brings your way. Annie said that tomorrow was only a day away. So true. Thanks, Annie!


About the Author:

Taj Artis is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who works as a social-emotional provider for Marcfirst in Normal, Illinois. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise in helping children and their families through creative and evidence-based ways. Taj is passionate about sharing her knowledge, connecting with families, and allowing children across every age and developmental ability to reach their full potential. She is also dedicated to giving caregivers the needed tools to cope during their day-to-day living while also feeling empowered to parent. Taj loves dogs, writing, and music.

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