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Welcome to Lifelong Access, formerly known as Marcfirst.



February 2021

Blog Marcfirst Celebrates: Black History Month

Happy Black History Month, everyone! We can collectively acknowledge that Black individuals experience different roadblocks and dangers compared to others.

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Milestones Light in the Darkness - Parent's Perspective

As we celebrate Autism Acceptance Month, we thank Cara's family for sharing their story. Photos provided by Cara's family

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Blog Introducing: Marcfirst Celebrates

We are excited to introduce our Spring 2021 intern, Marissa! She is a graduate student at Illinois State University and has decided to create blogs for Marcfirst in the coming months to build awareness about important topics.

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Blog Help! Why won't my child sleep?

Have you ever felt like there isn’t enough coffee to get through the day after being up with a little one throughout the night?

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