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Love & Logic

Love & Logic is a well-known parenting program developed by Foster Cline, child psychiatrist, and Jim Fay, educator. These respected experts discovered that children thrive when they…

  • have loving, compassionate and genuinely empathetic parents and teachers
  • experience consistent limits and accountability
  • are allowed to learn by making plenty of small, “affordable” mistakes.


Love & Logic for Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun is a course they developed for parents of children from birth to six which focuses on helping children learn, in a kind and caring way, that limits are a part of life.  Testing, tantrums, public scenes, potty training, bedtimes, and mealtimes are just some of the topics addressed during their five-week parenting course.   Furthermore, their down-to-earth approach helps parents feel calmer and better about themselves as they learn steps and strategies to cope calmly with the misbehavior children inevitably throw their way.  At its essential level, Love & Logic helps parents use their love for their children and their thinking caps to stay calm in-the-moment and respond to misbehavior in a way that helps children learn that while mom & dad love them, some behaviors aren’t allowed, and life is more fun if you are cooperating with the rules!


Oh yes – what is the second “Love” in the above title “Love, Logic & Love”?  That is to emphasize that all learning is most successful when children feel surrounded by love from and connection with their parent – even when they don’t get their way.  That doesn’t mean your child will never be mad at you when you set limits, because as all great parents know, “Love” and “Getting your way” are NOT the same thing!  But your child’s connection to you, and that loving bond you create with them, help them recover from disappointment and reconnect to you, hopefully to learn and make better choices at a future time.  


If you are interested, please fill out this form and join me for the upcoming webinar parenting class of Love & Logic for Early Childhood: Parenting Made Fun! which will start on June 3rd from 1:30-3pm for a series of five classes, ending on July 1st.


About the Author:

Mary Lehman, LCSW, DT, CEIM has provided therapeutic and educational services for children and families for over 25 years. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a credentialed Developmental Therapist, and a Certified Educator of Infant Massage. She is on the board of the Illinois Infant Mental Health Association. Mary has worked at Marcfirst Pediatric Therapy (formerly SPICE) since 2007, and enjoys the Marcfirst team atmosphere. She loves working with children and connecting with families! Mary has been a foster parent for many years. She also enjoys spending time with friends, family, and her pets; learning; gardening; music; and arts & crafts.

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