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Applied Behavioral Analysis

Lifelong Access began the Behavioral Management Program in 2016 to support the increasing amount of adults with developmental disabilities in our community with home and community-based support wavier funding that sought out behavior intervention and treatment to improve daily lives.


The ABA program assists adults in our supported living and developmental training programs. ABA provides support with social and daily living skills, as well as decreasing episodes of maladaptive behaviors. We accomplish this by using positive, evidence-based interventions and learning techniques to create a specific and individualized behavior program that focuses on teaching new skills and communication techniques, and replacement behaviors.


The board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) teach these behavior programs to all other employees working with those individuals to create a consistent program both at home and during day programs. With these supports, we can help individuals attain goals and to become more successful.


Read about our ABA Director, Dan, below.


Dan's Story


Did you know we offer ABA Services for kids, too? If that's what you're looking for, click here.

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