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Welcome to Lifelong Access, formerly known as Marcfirst.

Introducing: Marcfirst Celebrates

We are excited to introduce our Spring 2021 intern, Marissa! She is a graduate student at Illinois State University and has decided to create blogs for Marcfirst in the coming months to build awareness about important topics. Marissa has a background in women’s and gender studies, and uses this to locate high-quality research and understand diverse points of view that she herself can never fully experience.

Hi everyone, I’m so excited to meet you! The goal of these blogs is to showcase diverse narratives in the upcoming months which celebrate various identities. I want to highlight the stories of individuals with disabilities, as well as intersectionality.


The term ‘intersectionality’ describes how identities often have multiple parts that ‘intersect’, meaning that people within these groups face different circumstances than their counterparts. For example, a woman with a disability already has to deal with the trials that come with being a woman, as well as living with a disability.  


In order to amplify the voices and stories of diverse creators, I have curated a reading list for each of the coming months. Picking up one of these is a great way to educate yourself and others, as well as supporting traditionally marginalized creators and businesses. Keep an eye out for interesting facts, child and adult book recommendations, and important stories each month! 


Let's get reading!

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