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Welcome to Lifelong Access, formerly known as Marcfirst.

Marcfirst Announces New Name

Normal, ILL – Marcfirst announced today that it has completed a major change in name, logo, and brand. As of September 28th, 2023, Marcfirst is doing business as Lifelong Access. 


We have been part of the community for 68 years, however, the name Marcfirst does not appropriately reflect our values or services. Despite changing our name, we will continue to provide the same quality services with the same great care. 


We recognize that life has phases, from birth through maturity. This is why we chose this new name: Lifelong Access. Because in every phase of life, it’s never a question of if we helped, it’s how we help that truly counts. And how much we helped. Because our clients never outgrow us and we never outgrow them. 


Lifelong Access: Services needed. Barriers removed. 


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About Lifelong Access.  

For 68 years, Lifelong Access has helped break down barriers for kids, teens, and adults in our community. We ensure attempts to help result in actual support, professional assistance, and the facilities we each deserve. We give a voice to those not heard, provide assistance to those in need, and lend a hand in place of facing a closed door. We fight for each other and those who can’t fight for themselves. 


Lifelong Access provides services from pediatric therapy to our High School Transition Program and several Adult Services (e.g., Supportive Living, Community Day Services, Supported Employment, Behavioral Health Clinic). For more information please visit  

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