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Marcfirst Plans to Purchase New Building to Expand Behavioral Health Clinic and Other Services

NORMAL, Ill. – Marcfirst announced today plans to move to a new building to expand behavioral health services to the community, as well as expanding other teen and adult programs. Marcfirst expects to purchase the approximately 36,000 square-foot building at 2000 Jacobssen Drive in Normal (former Compeer Financial building) and move out of the 20,000 square-foot building at 1606 Hunt Drive. Pediatric therapy services will remain in The Gregg Chadwick Pediatric Therapy Center on the grounds of Carle BroMenn Medical Center.


Marcfirst CEO Brian Wipperman said, "We cannot thank Compeer Financial enough for helping make our vision a reality. It has been a hope and dream for many staff, families, and people we support to have a building big enough to expand programs that also has green space. While this is not 100% done yet, we are very excited about where we are in the process."


"This location has been a great home to Compeer and we're excited about its future," said Robert Lavely, Vice President Facilities for Compeer Financial. "Under Marcfirst's ownership, the building will remain an asset to the community as they expand important services for the area."


Not only does the move allow Marcfirst to expand the behavioral health clinic, community day services, supported employment and high school transition programs, it opens the door to more partnerships with other not-for-profits. The Regional Office of Education #17's Central Illinois Bridge Academy will occupy about 6,000 square feet in the new building and there are plans to partner with the Boys & Girls Club for shared space in the future, as well.


Mark Jontry, Regional Superintendent of Schools for ROE #17 stated, "We are truly excited to partner with Marcfirst to bring the Central Illinois Bridge Academy from an idea to reality. This location will provide our program with immediate access to Marcfirst services as well as meeting the holistic needs of our students with access to outdoor learning and recreation."


"I am honored to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our partners at Marcfirst, to continue to open doors of opportunity where every person in our community has access to a place that believes in them and empowers them to reach their full potential. Real, lasting change takes collaboration, big ideas, and bold action, and together we can continue to strengthen the health and well-being of our community," said Tony Morstatter, Boys & Girls Club CEO.


"We are so thankful for all of the collaboration from the Town of Normal, Compeer Financial, KW Revolution, and Catalyst Construction who have come together to support us in the process. We are also very excited that our non-profit partners from the ROE and Boys & Girls Club are part of our vision for sharing this space," Wipperman stated.

Town of Normal Mayor Chris Koos commented, "The Town of Normal is proud to support Marcfirst and its efforts to expand services in our community. From children to adults, Normal residents benefit from services provided by Marcfirst to ensure people of all abilities can thrive and grow." Marcfirst will remain in Normal but services reach beyond McLean County.


"Marcfirst's vision, energy, and outstanding ability to connect individuals and organizations have made our efforts especially rewarding," remarked Andy Kaufmann, President of Catalyst Construction.


Robbie Osenga, KW Revolution Real Estate Broker noted, "The piece that excites me the most about this project is the level of community partnerships that have entrusted one another to bring this to fruition, all with a goal of making Bloomington-Normal a better place to live for all."


More information will be released as plans continue to develop.

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