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Employee Spotlight
Volunteer Spotlight: Meet John

Volunteer John is one of the smiling faces that greets you at the Jacobssen office. He’s been helping out as a front desk receptionist two days a week for a total of four years. Two prior to the Covid shutdown and another two since we’ve been back in the office.


The front desk is a busy place, with people coming and going all day. It’s a perfect job for John, as he loves interacting with everyone – especially our adult friends in the Community Day Services program. He takes our core values to heart, treating everyone with love and respect in his interactions with them.


As someone who loves to be helpful, John also loves being the first one people talk to when they call for information or arrive for an appointment.


“I also volunteer my time calling Bingo every Friday afternoon at Blaire House,” says John. “And I manage a prize table for the Special Olympics athletes participating in an exercise program in Redbird Arena during Summer Games. I love helping others!”


Chinese food is John’s favorite, but it’s tied with the fare at Fort Jesse Café. He loves to read, dance, and spend time with friends or family. He’s hoping to take a trip to California one day soon to visit family there.


We are so grateful for John’s thoughtfulness and kindness on the days he serves as our front desk receptionist!

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