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Employee Spotlight: Meet Londa

Londa joined Lifelong Access nearly one year ago as a Human Resources Manager. She describes herself as determined, resourceful, and hopeful.


“I love working with such wonderful people, who do very important work to support the individuals we serve,” says Londa.


When asked what the Lifelong Access culture of love and respect for self and others means to her, she adds, “I have not had the opportunity to work for a company that lives out its core values every day. Knowing that the core values drive organizational decision-making is comforting to me.”


Londa grew up on a dairy farm with lots of animals like cows, rabbits, baby lambs, and horses as pets.


Her claim to fame was being awarded the honor of “Miss Halftime USA” at a high school pompom camp (“The USA part might have been an exaggeration,” laughs Londa). After high school, she pursued a business career at Illinois State University.


She was married to her husband for 25 years, until his passing in 2016. She has one daughter in Kansas City, who recently married her long-term boyfriend from Downs. Londa is hoping they will move back to this area to raise some grand babies!


Londa loves traveling, nature walks and cooking - following recipes the first few times, then getting creative. She loves all kinds of music, but especially guitar solos and songs with a good dance beat. Sounds like we should all hit the dance floor!


We love having Londa as part of the Lifelong Access HR team. She, indeed is determined, resourceful, and hopeful.

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