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Holiday Baking with Kids

It’s the holiday season! These next few weeks are likely full of baking, gift wrapping, and holiday cheer. Here are a few easy ways baking cookies (or any holiday treat) with your little ones can be beneficial to their development. It could even be an easy way to include some therapy practices at home! 

  1. Cookie dough may be an enticing way for kids who have an aversion to mess to get their hands “dirty” with the ingredients and dough. If not, gloves may be a wonderful compromise! They can experience the mess without having to touch it. 
  1. Helping with rolling out the dough can be a great and fun way to work on strength, dexterity, and coordination.  Cookie cutters are a great way to work with two hands as well! 
  1. Decorating cookies can be an easy way to work on visual motor skills. Try decorating one then asking your child to replicate it.  
  1. If your child is a picky eater or has aversions to certain tastes, including them in the cookie planning process can help them feel in charge and ensure you bake cookies they’ll enjoy. 
  1. Simply helping in the kitchen already offers key opportunities to work on social skills and following directions. Assigning your child specific tasks to be in charge of (like checking the timer) will help them gain independence and confidence in the kitchen as well.  
  1. Pouring ingredients is a great way to work on hand eye coordination.  
  1. Cleaning as you cook and pre-planning the recipes and ingredients can help teach your child planning and organizational skills.  
  1. Baking is a fun way to incorporate math into everyday life! If your kids are old enough, explain how you’re measuring ingredients or ask them to measure.  


Happy baking, families!  

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