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Autism Acceptance Month: Eye Contact

As we showcase the experiences of people on the autism spectrum to celebrate Autism Acceptance month, we have also come across some fun and helpful comics! Comics and graphics like these can be helpful because of the visuals, examples, and perspective of what the person with autism may be thinking.


Content sourced from Unashamed Voices of Autism Facebook page.


It is also sourced from a Facebook group, Unashamed Voices of Autism which is a platform for adults with autism to post relatable memes and other content! When we explore resources, especially those that offer tips and advice such as this, it is important to make sure people within the community being represented are behind the information and content. We want to hear directly from people within the group who have lived their own experiences, and only when they would like to share it with us!


Consider sharing this comic with your loved ones to join us in celebrating this important month! These are simple, easy to understand guidelines that could make a huge difference for someone when communicating.


If you'd like to learn more about autism this month, check out our blog for Autism Acceptance month here!


About the Author:

Marissa is a graduate student at Illinois State University and has decided to create blogs for Marcfirst in the coming months to build awareness about important topics. Marissa has a background in women’s and gender studies, and uses this to locate high-quality research and understand diverse points of view that she herself can never fully experience. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed are Marissa’s and do not necessarily represent the official views of Marcfirst.

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