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Access the Community Together


Lifelong Access provides a community-based recreation program called Access the Community Together, or ACT. for the people in our supported living homes. These activities typically occur on the weekends, but some will occur in the evenings during the week. These outings could range from 1–2-hour experiences to an all-day experience. It all depends on what people sign up for and what the people we support are interested in.


Outings have included practicing for Special Olympics bowling at Pheasant Lanes and participating in the Special Olympics bowling tournament at Landmark Lanes in Peoria. We also went to the Corn Crib to watch the Cornbelters play the Bloomington Farmers Market to get fresh produce and popcorn (our favorite!) and visited cows and Ropp Farms.


In the past, we have been lucky enough to take people to Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox games. Major League Baseball games are always a huge hit with the Lifelong Access ACT crew! We have also been able to go to Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America, Shedd Aquarium, and much more. These outings provide a great way for people to be more involved in their community. We are also able to make lifelong memories with friends during every activity!


This year, a new resident in our supported living program was able to join the Lifelong Access Special Olympics bowling team. This turned out to be a fantastic experience for her. She loved the game of bowling and also had fun spending time with new friends. Her family also appreciated the opportunity to watch bowling practice at Pheasant Lanes. This was a great way for her family to stay closely connected to their daughter and get to know more staff at Lifelong Access.


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